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Cute Homemade Carousel Cake for my Daughter

I needed a birthday cake for my daughter and I liked the idea of a carousel cake. I had seen one online from a cake store but it was £180!

I had recently discovered a cake decorating shop near me and had started decorating cup cakes and cookies for various holidays and for fun with my daughter. I saw the Wiltons carousel horses while I was there one day and decided I would have a go.

It is the first time I have used Fondant icing to cover a round base. I tried to cover a square Christmas cake which was a disaster, so I was especially please when this turned out okay after watching an online video on how to do it.

I made a sponge cake for the top piece and a more solid butter cake for the bottom. The top I used the only piping piece I had and did a ribbon effect in Pink and green in butter icing. I found the water icing to difficult to manage because it was either too runny or too soft. I used some flowers that I bought from the shop to decorate the top of the carousel with some white piping icing and then added the flag which I later replaced with a candle.

I used some more flowers around the edges of the base and piped some white icing around the top middle and bottom to make it pretty with the same ribbon attachment as before.

I waited until just before serving to put it all together because the top is quite heavy and I was afraid the weight would be too much.

I learnt so much making this, how to stick on flowers, how to do fondant icing covering, piping and types of icing mixes. I am so very pleased with the way it turned out and it got lots of compliments. Suffice to say I sent pictures to everyone!

2 thoughts on “Cute Homemade Carousel Cake for my Daughter”

  1. Great looking cake – but I cannot find any carousel horses. Any chance you can tell me where you sourced yours?
    Many thanks.


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