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Cute Homemade Carousel Cake Design

I made this Carousel Cake Design for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I got the idea from the women’s weekly kids party book! A week before my daughter’s birthday I bought the horses of eBay and painted them and decorated them with stick ons as I liked them better than the ribbon shown in the book. I also wrapped ribbon around the bamboo sticks then super glued the horses on a diferent heights.

I bought 3 packet cake mixes and used 2 for the bottom cake which I made in a deep 22cm cake pan and took out 1 cup of mixture for the muffin that sits on the top. Then I used 1 packet mix for the top cake. After the cakes cooled down later that evening I covered the cakes and muffin in ready made icing then placed a baking paper roll in the centre of the bottom cake and placed the bamboo sticks around.

Then I made an egg white and icing sugar mixture and covered the roll and then placed the musk sticks around. I then decorated the cakes with musk sticks and cashews. Covering the cake with the ready made icing was easy but the decorating the cakes took a long time.

This cake was definitely a labor of love and everybody loved it and it tasted good!

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