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Cute Homemade Cars Scene Birthday Cake with Flags

I have been gearing up to make my twin daughters birthday cakes the second week in July ( having 2 parties). So I decided to make their cakes myself. This has led to me having ‘practice’ cakes. This Cars Birthday Cake is my third cake in about a month.

I made two fondant cakes, but this is my first buttercream icing cake. I made this for my nephew. His birthday is two weeks before my girls. The cakes are two store bought Betty Crocker Mixes, Yellow and Devils Food Chocolate. I baked them in a 13×9 pan. Cooled them both. I used a leveler to level one cake but didn’t do the other one (would recommend to level both to really get it flat). I also trimmed each side about an inch.

I made 3 batches of homemade Wilton’s buttercream icing and tinted parts of it into the colors I needed ( I saved old cool whip, sour cream and dip bowls who knew they would come in handy for separating the icing and coloring it). I used the Wilton icing colors.

I iced between the layers, then crumb iced it all in yellow. Put in the fridge for an hour or so, then took out and iced. I iced the sides and the part of the top that is yellow. I used a decorating triangle to put lines in the sides. I then iced the brown road for the car. I used angle spatulas, they are the best! I piped the black lines to define the road, then piped the grass using a Wilton hair/grass tip. I used a large circle tip to pipe the ball border around the top and bottom to hide imperfections.

I had some Styrofoam pieces for the flags, letters and speed limit signs on the side. They added a nice touch. The car is a die cast from Walmart $2.97. I had fun doing this cake. I am ready to take on the challenge of my girl’s cakes!

I love this sight I get a lot of inspiration from others! Thank you all, keep sending pics.

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