Sweet Homemade Batman Symbol Birthday Cake

Homemade Batman Birthday Cake

My homemade Batman birthday cake consisted of 12 cupcakes and a 6″ cake using a vanilla cake mix. I made buttercream icing from a C&H Sugar recipe and colored it black and yellow. I piped the cupcakes with black icing using #12 tip. I leveled the 6″ cake and crumb frosted it. I then turned … Read more

Cute Homemade Cars Scene Birthday Cake with Flags

Homemade Cars Birthday Cake

I have been gearing up to make my twin daughters birthday cakes the second week in July ( having 2 parties). So I decided to make their cakes myself. This has led to me having ‘practice’ cakes. This Cars Birthday Cake is my third cake in about a month. I made two fondant cakes, but … Read more

Cool Homemade Tinkerbell Doll Birthday Cake

Homemade Tinkerbell Doll Birthday Cake

This Tinkerbell Doll Birthday Cake is one of the cakes I made for my twin daughter’s 2nd birthday. It was kind of the center piece of all 4 cakes. It was a Tinkerbell theme. This is my first ‘doll’ cake. I bought a Wilton doll cake pan at a garage sale for $4. I baked … Read more

Coolest Purse Birthday Cake

Homemade Purse Birthday Cake

This Purse Birthday Cake is the second fondant cake I have made in a month’s time. I wanted to get some practice and make a cake for my sister’s 28th Birthday. She is into purses and shoes (decided for the purse, much easier!). She is allergic to gluten so this cake mix was gluten free. … Read more

Coolest November Embrace Tiered Flower Cake

Homemade November Embrace Tiered Flower Cake

I made this November Embrace Tiered Flower Cake for my birthday this year. I wanted to do a wedding style cake so I chose this style. The top tier was lemon cake and raspberry buttercream. The middle tier was yellow cake with chocolate buttercream. The third tier was chocolate cake with Oreo cookie buttercream. It … Read more

Coolest Princess Stars Cake

Homemade Princess Stars Cake

I made this Princess Stars Cake for my twin daughters’ birthday party with the family. The theme is 4th of July ‘Princess’ because their birthday is the 6th. This is my first two tiered cake and my first try with MMF. I had a really hard time with the fondant after I let it cool … Read more

Coolest Princess Tiara Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Tiara Birthday Cake

I made this Princess Tiara Birthday Cake for my first client. Her daughter was turning 5 and she wanted a girly girl cake. I decided to try and make a tiara out of fondant. I had seen it done on Youtube by lauriepoopie. I had also looked up several others by searching tiara on my … Read more

Coolest Police Shirt Cake

Homemade Police Shirt Cake

I made this Police Shirt cake as a ‘test’ cake before I was to make my twin girl’s birthday cakes. I had never worked with fondant and had seen on this website several others stated it was easy. I decided to make my husband a father’s day cake and he is a police officer. I … Read more

Coolest Pirate Skull Cake

Homemade Pirate Skull Cake

I made this 6″ Pirate Skull cake and 85 cupcakes for a friend’s son’s first birthday. The theme was ‘Pirates, red and black’. Half of the cupcakes were vanilla cakes and half were chocolate. I made homemade buttercream icing from the C&H Sugar Recipe and colored half of it red and the other half black. … Read more

Coolest Skull and Cross Bones Cake

Homemade Skull and Cross Bones Cake

I made 50 cupcakes and a 6″ smash cake for a friend’s daughter’s fifth birthday. I made 25 strawberry mix cupcakes, 25 chocolate mix cupcakes, and the 6″ smash cake was strawberry. I tied black, pink and white ribbon into bows around each cupcake liner. I made homemade buttercream icing with the C&H Sugar recipe. … Read more

Coolest Twilight Cake

Homemade Twilight Cake

I made this Twilight cake for a friend’s daughter’s 12th birthday. I made a chocolate cake mix 12″ round cake for the base. I then made two vanilla and strawberry 8″ round cakes. After that, I made another 6″ strawberry cake just for her. I made buttercream icing and tinted it black and red, using … Read more