Coolest Car’s Birthday Cake

I would like to share my Car’s birthday cake that I did for a friend this past weekend. This cake celebrated a special little man’s 3rd birthday. The cake itself is a twelve inch square that is vanilla flavored. Half of the cake is filled with whipped white filling while the other half is filled with whipped chocolate filling (for the birthday boy).

The cake is covered in Wilton fondant and the additional decorations are made of fondant, gumpaste and edible colors. I like to make everything on my cakes edible so there are no worries for little ones. The cars were inspired by their characters in the movie and pictures from the movie that I found online. I love small details so I work with the smallest paint brush you can get to add the little details on things like the cars and the spare tires. I work with Wilton food coloring gels and petal dusts mixed with vanilla extract and or water to create my edible paints.

I had a lot of fun doing this cake and hope that you enjoy looking and reading about it!

Homemade Car's Birthday Cake

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