Coolest Cars Birthday Cake Design

I made this Cars Birthday Cake Design for my son for his second birthday. I started out by making marshmallow fondant (you can find the recipe by searching the internet, very easy to make). I colored some black and left some white. I made the “Piston Cup” with the fondant. I just cut it out of rolled fondant.

Then, I rolled out the black and cut out the letters and the squares (using fondant cutters). I put them in a container so they would not dry out. I made 2- 15×18 sheet cakes. Then I made a Cars Lightning McQueen shaped pan. I put the two sheet cakes together and iced them with white buttercream. Then I took the large squares and put them on the cake in a checkerboard pattern.

Next, I piped the icing on the Cars cake with a star tip. I placed that cake in the center of the sheet cake. Then I piped a border around that and the sheet cake. I placed the small squares around the border of the sheet cake.

I made a mixture of vanilla and gold pearl dust (found mine right at WalMart). You don’t need much at all. Very little. I painted the letters, and the border around the sheet cakes with it to make a gold coat. I also painted the “Piston Cup”.

The last thing I did was pipe a border in front of the cake and placed the message in it. The kids LOVED it!

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