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Cool Homemade Cars Racetrack Cake

Taking tips and ideas from a bunch of the cakes already on the site, I constructed this “Piston Cup” homemade Cars racetrack cake for my Godson’s second birthday. The cake is a two-layer 9×13 sheet cake with 1/2 three-tier 9″ rounds on each end. The top layer of each end is cut at an angle to create the banked turns of the track.

The entire homemade Cars racetrack cake is covered in homemade chocolate frosting, using traditional white frosting squares to make the checkered flag pattern on the sides. A few dried fondant stars on wire, a couple clip-art toothpick flags, a small collection of matchbox cars, and a Lightening McQueen candle, and we have a regular old Piston Cup on our hands.

Already a hit among the adults… hopefully the little one likes it too!

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  1. What kind of frosting is that? How do you cut squares of frosting if it’s not fondant? Want to make this cake, but don’t know how without using all fondant.



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