Coolest Catepillar Birthday Cake

Our son’s Baby Einstein Caterpillar Cake turned out AWESOME! I baked it, and my patient, and talented sister – Cristy iced it! We hated to cut it! It only took 5 hours of baking and 5 hours icing! What fun!

The head was vanilla cake, the teal ones was lemon, the red was red velvet, and the green and blue were chocolate. We used Twinkies for the feet and twizzlers for the antenna’s.

Suggestions from our experiences. You will need lots of chopsticks/dowels to hold the head on. Also, we almost had the head fall off because she iced one side of the face which made it heavy and it wanted to tip off. Ice evenly around the head to level out the weight. It is also very difficult to ice the undersides of the balls, so we covered it by filling in with the green colored coconut – grass.

Anyway, my baby loved it! He even dove in to the cake face first to get a good bite!

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