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Coolest Gloworm Cake

I made this Gloworm cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Her love for her “Glowy” inspired me, along with my need for a challenge. I have been cake decorating for about 7 years and periodically design my own cakes.

I traced my daughter’s Glow Worm toy and cut it out. Then I traced that onto a frozen cake (I use a Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker cake mix for the sake of simplicity) and carved the shape out. I used a butter cream (star tip # 16 or 18)for everything except the face.

For the lime green part of the body, I used the chartreuse as a guide (yellow and leaf green) and blue with a little purple for the remainder. The trim is purple. The skin tone on the hands was achieved by using a very small drop of copper. I always use Wilton colors and this website as a reference for mixing colors: http://www.mts.net/~evelyns1/colicing.htm

The face is made out of fondant (I used ivory for the main area). The eyes are blue with white and the little mouth is red. I used brown for the brows. To build the face up, I used the light that lit the face. The light is a battery operated DOT IT dimmable circular LED light. I bought (batteries included) at Canadian Tire for $9.99. LED lights give off very little heat so it was ideal. I wrapped the light in saran wrap to avoid moisture and taped it at the bottom with packing tape. Just remember to turn the light on BEFORE you put the face on!

I finished the purple trim around the face to cover up the edges of the fondant AFTER I put the face on. The batteries are good for 100 hours or so, but I would recommend turning on the light about 24 hours ahead of time.

I also built up the nose underneath the face (on top of the light) BEFORE I put the face on. I used the same ivory fondant. I carved in the mouth under the nose and carved out the mouth area (and filled in the little bit with of red fondant). I just use a sharp ended knife to carve. I carved in the lashes and filled them in with butter cream (tip #2) that I colored the same blue as the eyes. I used the round end of a wooden skewer for the dimple imprint on the chin.

I refrigerated the cake for 24 hours (with the light on) and there were no issues. I pulled the light out from right under the face when we ate most of the cake, rendering the face part edible once again. It was a huge hit with both my kids! Though it was very tasty, it was the hardest cake for me to cut yet!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Gloworm Cake”

  1. That is amazing! I thought you had a real glowworm for the face but making it out of fondant and batteries – super smart! great job

  2. I was looking for a glow worm cake design for my sons 1st birthday cake. This was the same toy that he got and it is his favorite.I thought it was a glow worm toy that you have iced. This was a fantastic idea for me.


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