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Coolest Cheese Birthday Cake

This Cheese Birthday cake was a cake I wanted to try for a while and a friend’s birthday gave me the perfect excuse!

A nice carrot cake recipe that I used for my wedding cake made in a simple round sandwich tin (2 layers). It’s filled with orange cream cheese filling.

Once filled, I cut out a ‘slice’ then dirty-iced both parts. It’s covered with ready to roll fondant colored with a subtle yellow (liquid co lour). Once I got it covered I used a measuring scoop to press the cheese ‘holes’ in and lightly painted with a slightly darker yellow and then stacked.

The mice are modeled really simply from colored sugar paste (rolled into a small ball then ‘squashed’ at one end with a pinch to make the ears). They were made a couple of days ahead so they had gone nice and hard before construction.

Hardest part? Smoothing the fondant into the cutout slice without stretching and tearing the fondant – was a bit of a slow process!

Homemade Cheese Birthday Cake

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