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Cool Homemade Cheese and Mouse Cake

I completely got my inspiration from the other “Big Cheese” cake on this site. I was asked to make a cake at work for bosses day and when we Googled bosses day cake ideas the only interesting one was a “Big Cheese” cake and I immediately remembered seeing the one on this site.

I baked two 8-inch layer cakes, stacked them, buttercream iced them all yellow. Cut out the signature slice. Re-iced the sliced out area. As the previous cake, I used a measuring spoon to make the circles. Dyed the remaining icing brown with gel color and painted in the circles. And of course, my favorite, the fondant mice. (Which I enjoyed making previously in my snake cake.)

Everyone loved it especially the big cheeses. Thank you so much to this site for once again providing my inspiration.

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