Coolest Cheese Cake

My Cheese Cake was made using two standard cake tins (8inches) cut into a love heart shape. I put strawberry jam into the center to sandwich the cakes together and covered the cake in jam so the icing would go on easily. I took my inspiration off a moon cake and off a frog pond cake, using a “moon” covering to give it a cheese look placing balls of icing to create craters under the top layer of icing.

When the top layer was on I pressed down slightly on the top of the icing to create the big craters. I used mice using the same frog format, a round head and bigger round body with small arms, legs and ears. I used a toothpick to hold the mice in place on the cake. I gave the mice different characteristics such as a pink bow and green eyes to be representative of the receiver of the cake.

I added the knife by cutting out the icing and placing it on the cake board for decoration. The grated cheese was made using yellow food dye, i sprinkled it into the craters and around the base to add colour.

This cake was created for a cheese lover as I couldn’t find any other designs in cake books.

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