Coolest Chevy Caprice Cake

I made this Chevy Caprice Cake for my son-in-law’s birthday. He requested a cake that looked like his 1983 Chevy Caprice on 22’s with swagger rims with gold trim. He has an ugly green skull hanging in the windshield, he wanted to make sure that his green skull was there. I took lots of pictures and created a template.

I made two cakes in 9×13 pans, and two loaf pans then carved them to the template I made. The cake was funfetti, frosted with blue cotton candy butter cream frosting. I made a white chocolate coconut marshmallow fondant that I colored yellow and brown to match the color of my son-in-law’s car. I covered the board with black fondant. I made the tires out of rice krispies and covered them in black fondant. I made the swagger rims out of gum paste and tylose powder and painted them silver and painted a gold trim on them.

The carving was the easy part. I had trouble with my fondant, it kept buckling on me. I had to recover the car twice. I have never had so much trouble working with fondant like I did with this cake. Finally the cake started coming together.If I had to make the cake over, I would make the back end just a little bit longer, still came out nice. This was my first time carving a car. I even put the ugly green skull in the windshield like he requested. I put his nickname “Capella” on the license plate.

I finally finished the cake. Yeah! My son-in-law was trilled with his cake. He was amazed with all the details, he didn’t want to cut his cake. Everyone loved it.

Josh's Chevy

swagger rims

the green skull