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Coolest Children in Need Pudsey Cake

I made this Children in Need Pudsey Cake for a charity fund raising event at work for Children in Need 2011.

To make my cake I first found a suitable picture of ‘Pudsey’ on the internet and printed it out. – I had to resize it with a photocopier too.

I then made a 9 inch round Madeira Sponge Cake and 2 Madeira Loaf Cakes. I cut the template out of paper and used this to assemble the cake. I made a cake board out of thick cardboard and covered this with wrapping paper.

I secured the round cake onto the board with jam and began to cut the shape of the body and legs with a sharp knife using a downward cutting motion. I then sandwiched the 2 loaf cakes together to form a square, and cut the shape of the head from this. I secured the head in place with a layer of reduced jam.

Then the simple part a layer of jam to seal and then a covering of vanilla frosting. I then applied marzipan and covered the whole thing in yellow icing.

The feet, ears, eye, nose and bandage are all rolled icing in black, white and grey. And I used a black sugar icing to pipe the details. Then to finish off I used smarties for a bit of fun

The cake was a huge success and we raised over £170!

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