This Chili Red Hot Pepper cake was fun to do. I used a  12 x 18 sheet cake pan, made 2 of them stacked and iced it. The cake was strawberry Margarita cake. I froze the cakes, after leaving in freezer for a night, took it and carved it out in the shape of a chili pepper. This was the hard part, had no pattern!

Next I covered it with fondant. I made the eyes, nose and the mustache and teeth. Had no pattern for any of it, just looked at them. I made the blanket and laid it on the pepper, made all the chips out of fondant and sugar glitter and little bit of luster dust. I made him a sombrero. The Margarita in his hand was a plastic throw away Margarita cup cut in half. The writing on the board is in butter cream.

I loved making this cake. It was for a good friend and she loved it. So did everyone else. Got lots of compliments on it!  The people at the party who own a restaurant named Peppers, they may get me to make this cake for their Ann of the restaurant.  Thought that would be exciting.