Coolest Chocolate Bunny Cake

This homemade chocolate bunny cake is simply two round cake layers arranged to create a bunny face, and then decorated with assorted candies. The decorating possibilities are endless, but I went with a whole chocolate theme.

1 chocolate box cake mix; 1 tub of vanilla icing; Candies

Bake cake mix as decorated on box to make two 8-inch rounds. Cool completely. Line a baking sheet with foil. Place one round on the baking sheet and ice. Cut the other round to form two ears and a bowtie. Ice the ears and bowtie (apply the icing thickly and spread gently to avoid catching and spreading crumbs).

Decorate the cake. I used: mini Reeses peanut butter cups for eyes, a heart-shaped chocolate for the nose, chocolate chips for whiskers, a mini Snickers cut in half for teeth, and M&Ms for polka-dots on the tie.