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Coolest Butterflies and Flowers

I am blessed to have 10 kids who regard me as Grandma and it is my privilege to make them birthday cakes. My 6 year old granddaughter wanted butterflies on her cake. I took some of my ideas from this site and added a twist of my own.

The candles are butterflies made from Jolly Ranchers. I was concerned this idea would be difficult but it turned out to be real easy. I Googled edible stained glass and found directions for making edible Christmas sun-catchers. I followed their directions only I purchased a metal butterfly cookie cutter (the kind that is just a shape). Basically you line a small cookie sheet with foil and spray with cooking oil spray (PAM). Place cookie cutter on foil and put 2-3 Jolly ranchers inside the cookie cutter. It doesn’t really matter if you break up the Jolly Ranchers or not, but I did smash them so I could mix colors to get a variegated effect.

Then you put the cookie sheet in a 350 oven and let the candies melt. As it melted, I stirred the pieces with a toothpick to get a swirl look and make sure the melted candy went all the way to the edge. After the candies have melted all the way take out of the oven and cool enough so you can handle them. The butterflies pop out of the cookies cutters pretty easily. While warm, push an indent down the middle and slightly fold to make them look more lifelike. When completely cool, attach to long candles using a plain tip and bag with Royal icing. I made extra butterflies that I attached to candy sticks.

Put eyes on royal icing body with a toothpick and undiluted paste food coloring. That was really the most fun part of the cake. Most of the kids ate only the candy butterflies and left the cake and icing and ice cream behind.

As for the cake I just made two round cakes and stacked them. Flowers were easy 5-6 petal flowers made from Royal icing (I took a cake decorating class 30 some years ago). The pre-made flowers made it easy to place and a little bit of green leaves finished it off.

The butterflies were so fun and easy. I hope to use the concept again.

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