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Coolest Chocolate Easter Egg Cake

I made this Chocolate Easter Egg cake for Easter dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. I used Wilton’s Easter Egg pan and a 2-layer boxed banana cake mix.

I used chocolate frosting (chocolate & banana-yum) and at the last minute decided to use Wilton’s ready-to-use fondant that comes in packs of 4 colors. I only used the hot pink, purple and yellow and rolled them out on the table then used my daughter’s “rolling pin” that came with her Play-Doh set to cut out small circles and put them all around the cake in random places.

I tinted some coconut flakes green for the grass and put jelly beans all around for even more color. The tray was pretty colorful by itself but I love lots of color (hides mistakes!).

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