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Coolest Christmas Cake

I made this Christmas Cake pretty quickly at the request of my little cousin. She wanted me to bring a Christmas-themed cake to my aunt’s house for dinner.

The cake itself is vanilla flavored, with an almond/cinnamon flavored butter-cream filling and crumb coating. I bake every cake and make every filling from scratch. I think it’s a lot of fun to do and it’s easy to play with different flavors!

The cake is covered with a blue fondant that I purchased from a local baking supply store.

Working with fondant involves a little patience and strength for kneading. If your fondant looks as if it’s drying up a bit, I add a little shortening to my hands and massage it into the fondant.

The snowman decorations are made out of gum paste. I used my nifty snowman cookie cutter to make the shapes. Then, after the shapes hardened a bit (usually takes about an hour), I used edible markers to draw in the hat, eyes, buttons, and nose. I used water to attach the snowmen figures to the cake. Hold them to the side of the cake for a couple of minutes until it appears to have stuck to the fondant.

As for the bow:

Cut 12-15 3/4″ wide by 7″ long strips of gum paste. Dab one end of the strip with water. Fold over the other end. Pinch with your index finger and thumb to create a loop. Turn the loop over on it’s side and use your hands to keep the loop rounded. I stuff some Kleenex tissue inside the loop to maintain it’s shape. Don’t worry, it won’t stick to the gum paste. You will need to wait for the loops to dry before you assemble the bow.

Cut out about a 2 to 2-1/2 diameter circle using gum paste. Arrange you’re first layer of loops (use 6 loops) around the perimeter of the circle. You can roll a small gum paste ball on top of the loops to secure, or cut another flat circle. Place another layer of loops in between the spaces created by the first later. Finally, take one loop and place it vertically on top of the 2 layers. You can make the bow in advance, and place on top of your cake when it’s ready to go!

For the polka dots, I used gum paste and the tip of a pastry bag applicator. I “glued” them to the cake with water.

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