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Cool Homemade Cinderella Barbie Cake

After viewing several websites on Barbie cakes, I noticed a few things. People did not seem to be making the cakes tall enough, securing the Barbie in place properly, or using the correct pans. Their artwork was wonderful, but I was hoping to get things just right, proportion-wise, and I feel I came close. Next time, I will use a long serrated knife to even out the skirt a bit more on the sides.

Okay, for this Cinderella cake, plan on using 3 cake mixes and 3 containers of frosting. I used a white box mix and white creamy frosting. I used two bundt cake pans (the one for the top layer should have rounded edges), and one large round. I baked all of them and let them cool for about 1 hour. I then took an empty paper towel roll and poked a hole in the center of the large round cake. I made sure all cake tops were even, using a large knife.

I then frosted the tops and bottoms of the different cakes so they would stay together. After that, I stripped Cinderella Barbie and placed her in an empty paper towel roll (stuff the paper towel roll with paper towels until the Barbie’s waist is just sticking out of the top, although she will be pretty snug at the waist anyway). You will need to use scissors to cut the paper towel roll to the correct height.

Put some frosting in the bottom of the three-layered hole, so the paper towel roll will stay firm. I used blue food-coloring and mixed two cans in a bowl to be sure the color was consistent. I used a small spatula to make the bodice and cap sleeves out of frosting. This is cake will feed a large bunch, however, I feel it is necessary to make Barbie look somewhat proportionate.

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