This cake was made for my grandson Billy. He loves the Cloud Babies. Before cooking the cake I made the cake topper using a polystyrene cake dummy in a 6″ round. I covered this in blue icing and left it to dry out. Meanwhile I made the sun, moon and the pink horse and pink cloud baby. I then made a green cloud baby and then a blue one and a blue horse (well I’ll call it a horse I’m not sure what they are).

I baked a 10″ round vanilla sponge cake and filled with jam and butter cream and then covered in butter cream and chilled in the freezer. Meanwhile I rolled out some blue icing and then when the cake was chilled I covered the cake and placed on the cake board that I had covered a few days earlier. I then pipe iced around the base of the cake and when I placed the cake topper onto the bottom cake I pipe iced around the edge of this to hold it in place.

I made some clouds in white icing and attached to the cake and I made a pink cloud and covered it in glitter and attached this to the cake and then attached the number 1 to it too, using royal icing. I attached the green cloud baby and then I attached the blue cloud baby and the horse to the cake board for decoration. I rolled out different colors and made the rainbow on the cake. All that was left to do was the lettering for the message on the cake board, obviously Billy was too young to understand what was happening but everyone loved the cake.