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Coolest Coca Cola Birthday Cake

A friend wanted a coke themed cake for her sister-in-law’s birthday, and I came across a few great ideas for a Coca Cola Birthday Cake. I liked the way some people do beer bottle cakes and thought it would be cute to do them for coke bottles.

Well, even after great instructions on this site and on wilton.com, I still didn’t have the greatest success. So, I combined the bottle cap idea which I again got for a beer cake and out came a combo of ideas to form this cake.

To do the bottles, buy Amazing Mold Putty (sold at Hobby Lobby and Michaels). This was my first attempt, well actually I went through 2 boxes and still only got a few salvageable bottles. Hopefully, with practice this technique will get easier because it really is a fun idea.

The ice is just equal parts light corn syrup and sugar, put into the microwave about 1 min 45 sec and I poured into a jewel mold to get a “fancy” crushed ice look. You can also just pour it on a cookie sheet and break it up once it has cooled down.

The cake is actually the coca cola cake recipe that you can find online. I did an 10 inch double layer, but the ends got a little crispier than I liked, so I cut around the edges before I iced it. Just using buttercream icing, I iced the cake and then piped the bottlecap part fairly thick so it’s really noticeable. Apply a layer of fondant over and that’s it. You can create any type of bottle cap just by changing the color and logo.

Honestly, this cake gave me a lot of trouble but I learned a lot from it and I’m actually looking forward to trying it again. My mom loves coke too so I think I’ll make her one!

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  1. You are truly talented and I love this team for a cake. It makes me realize how fun you can make a cake transform into with a little imagination.


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