Cool Homemade 2 Tier Cookie Monster Cake

I made this Cookie Monster cake for my son’s 1st birthday party. He loves Cookie Monster! The base is a 2 layer 16 in round iced in buttercream with royal icing cookies that I made a week in advance.

The Cookie Monster is comprised of (from the bottom) 9in round, 10in, 9in, 6 in round for the neck and the head is the Wilton sports ball pan. I trimmed the head and body to shape and the arms are cut from loaf pans.

Cookie’s eyes are large marshmallows. Cookie is iced in buttercream with the Wilton hair/grass tip. This effect took a long time but was well worth it. I used dowel rods in the round base and a large one through Cookie. The cake was so heavy, that it did end up leaning a little bit.

The cake was a huge hit and I want to thank the others on this site for all the info on making a 3-D Cookie Monster.

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