Cute DIY Cookie Monster Cupcakes

These Cookie Monster cupcakes were a rainy-day project for myself and my son (3) and they were so easy and so much fun to do.

Basically you can make the cupcakes out of any cake recipe you like, we just did plain old sponge, but chocolate with white chocolate butter icing (dyed the requisite blue of course) would be great.

So you make cupcakes the usual way, but making sure even when risen there would be space to fill up the paper case with plenty of icing. We used muffin cases.

Then we dyed some bought vanilla butter icing Cookie Monster blue and piped it with an icing syringe fitted with a large star tip. The eyes are white chocolate drops with a painted on black icing dot.

To finish, we put a mini cookie in his mouth. TIP- The cookies went soft after a few hours so do this at the last minute.

A really easy and fun alternative to a big party cake.

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