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Coolest Cookie Monster Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake

I have always made my own birthday cakes but just normal chocolate or Victoria sponges…but this year my daughter who was about to turn 15 asked if I could do her a Cookie Monster Cake. Am not one to turn down a challenge so set to Google for ideas – this site was invaluable but I came up with a few of my own twists too.

The sponge is made using a giant cupcake silicone mold using a sponge cake recipe of a 6 egg mixture…turned out fantastically. The next night I set to decorating it…starting with sandwiching the top and bottom together with a thin layer of vanilla butter cream icing and sugar. Before adding the top of the cake I took a cookie that I had previously bought (Tesco one but a single long life one, not the ones they bake in store) the cookie was thick one so I placed it so that two thirds of it would be sandwiched between the top and the bottom.

I then stuck white and milk chocolate fingers to the base, these were the perfect height. I rounded off the top of the cake by slightly trimming it and then took to covering the cake in butter cream that I had dyed using blue food coloring. I used a piping nozzle with 4 holes in the end and did waves of it starting at the top and working down to cover the whole top.

The eyes were made from Foxs Crunch biscuits with a cocktail stick stuck in, covered in white chocolate and a giant chocolate button placed on the top whilst they set. Once the eyes were in place it transformed the cake and the look on my daughter’s face was absolute giant cupcake birthday cake was professional and I have even been asked to bake one to sell at a raffle. Would certainly bake it again!

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