Coolest Coral Reef Cake

I made this Coral Reef cake for my little one, the idea came from her name which means PEARL, so I decided to be something related to the reef…it was an easy cake really!!

I baked two different sizes round chocolate cakes (one medium and the other one is really small, more like a big muffin) and put the little one on top close to the edge. Then I frosted them with chocolate butter cream so they looked like a rock (usually I put my cake in freezer for a couple of hours before icing, this make it easier.

Before preparing the cake, and by using royal icing, I colored small amounts of icing in different colors, and I marbled some of them. I formed a big clam shell, other reef plants, some shells, and a star fish. I let them dry for couple of days.

Then I used butter cream to stick them on the cake and I used a ball bubble gum as a Pearl and some silver cachous around it! The good thing about this cake is that you don’t have to be PERFECT in icing, and you can create the scene you like.

My friends and family loved it.

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