Coolest Mermaid Birthday Cake

My granddaughter wanted me to make her a mermaid cake, but not an Ariel cake. I bought some doll heads and added their tails made out colored fondant and painted scales on with silver edible sparkle. The sea shell is made out if  candy melts, pearls are made with fondant and rolled in ivory sparkle powder.

To hold up the sea shell, I covered four posts with colored fondant. I used “fish” crackers, pushed onto toothpicks covered in green fondant algae to emulate a school of fish swimming under the sea shell. The fish and octopus were made from fondant, algae out of gum paste and the reef was formed with chocolate melts.

Unfortunately part of the reef broke off during transport. This was a big project, but the happy face of the birthday girl was all worth it. I only make these cakes once a year, for both of my granddaughters and I can hardly wait for my next challenge.

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