Cool Homemade Corset Cake

This Corset Cake was made for my niece’s 19th birthday!

I baked a 11×15 cake and cut it to resemble a body figure! The top was cut to resemble breast/heart shape! I then measured a few inches in from both sides to create the inner part of the corset. The entire cake was crumb coated to to prevent crumbs for coming through then final iced with homemade butter cream!

The breast part was iced with a spatula with chocolate butter cream to resemble skin color. The corset was created using tip #21 and moving in circular motions. The middle of the corset was outlined with tip #5 and then ‘scribbled’ to create the final look! The bottom was created similar to the top with tip #21 in a circular motion! A shell border was done along the bottom again with tip #21!

My niece and friends LOVED the cake!

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