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Cool Homemade His and Hers Curious George Birthday Cakes

This forum gave me the confidence to make these Curious George birthday cakes for my twins.

There is no pan to work from so I rented a 12″ x 1″2 cake pan and used two boxes of cake mix for each cake. Once the cakes had cooled, I froze them for a day to make the cutting of the face shapes easier.

Once frozen, I took my template and placed it on the top of each cake and started cutting. To get the facial features correct, I took a skewer and poked through the template onto the cake; this is a similar process to transfering an image onto a pumpkin. This worked really well.

Next, we did all the black outlines along the poke marks with icing, which made it easy for decorating.

My sister helped ice the cakes, which took about six hours in total since we put litte rosebuds all over the cakes. The effort really paid off and I was very proud at how they turned out.

Good Luck and have FUN!

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade His and Hers Curious George Birthday Cakes”

  1. I love that you added a pink bow to make it more girly! My daughter is turning one soon and she loves Curious George and I was concerned about it not being a “girlish” theme, but this cake has given me a great idea for her party! Great Job!!

  2. I did the layout myself, changing the face to a girl was a last minute decision but I think it turned out well. I also added the eyelashes which gives it that girl look.


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