This Homemade Curious George Cake seems to be the most common to build. I made it for my niece’s son who turned 1. The hat is vanilla sponge with what else, banana filling. Then a buttercreme crumb coat and covered in yellow fondant. The monkey was harder because I didn’t want to use too much rice krispie treats.

I started with chocolate sponge 3 levels high with no filling. Sculpted the legs and body from that. The head also is chocolate sponge, just 2 levels high also no filling. I felt the cake would be more stable with no fillings. The arms were made of rice krispie treats. Once all sections of monkey were covered in chocolate fondant I assembled it.

All the details are fondant. I did have to put dowels in the arm holding the banana to keep it up, other than that the whole cake was edible.