My little boy cannot eat dairy so this Stegosaurus cake is a totally dairy free carrot cake – with dairy free ‘butter’ cream filling. The cake is just one large rectangular carrot cake, which I then cut it into three and sandwiched together to get the height. Then I sculpted the cake into the right shape.

I was quite pleased with the result – especially as right up until I started to bake the cake (the day before his birthday) he had wanted a snake cake.  To be precise he wanted a ‘white-lipped pit viper on a branch’ cake.  As you can imagine, this had taken a lot of thought, planning and not inconsiderable stress!  Then, just as I was about to start, he says – actually I want a dinosaur cake!  He was absolutely adamant.  So, we did a quick run through the various possibilities and he settled on a stegosaurus.  Last minute change of plan aside, I must admit I was quite relieved!  The snake on a branch was not going to be easy…!

So I made and sculpted the cake and covered it in icing which I rolled with a textured rolling pin.  The head, spines and tail are also made of icing, so the whole thing is edible.  Even the little ‘Jurassic’ trees are made of icing, and the ‘dirt’ is a mixture of edible sprinkles.

He loved it and his friends thought it was very ‘cool’ – for some reason they all wanted either part of the head or the thagomizers!