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Cool Homemade Diaper Cake Idea

My diaper cakes are made and decorated with much more than just diapers…you can unravel it to find, onesies, wash clothes, socks, mittens etc. I ALWAYS use a baby blanket and matching receiving blankets! TONS of stuff in one cake!

It is so important to me that I customize each cake to the person who is receiving it, so I ask for photos of their room theme, or what they love and hate. Colors, gender, I never make a cake that could be for just anyone!

My cakes may use up to 200 dollars worth of baby items (if they are top notch items) and it takes me very little time to do them so most of the cost is by the gift giver for the products and not my time or craft. I think that when you do it this way, your baby Diaper Cake Idea can be one of the best gifts an expecting mother receives.

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