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Pretty Baby Girl Diaper Cake

This Baby Girl Diaper Cake was made from 200 Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers (Diaper rolls are two diapers rolled together secured with a rubber band)

3 Receiving blankets

1 Can HappyBellies Organic Super Cereal (Could substitute for Gerber, HappyBellies is available at Target)

1 Baby Shower 12 inch bank – Jo-ann Fabric

3 Spools of Ribbon – 1 white 2-1/2 inch and 2 different decorative Ribbons 1 – 2 in

1 Fantasy Dress-up – Family Dollar

I used the can of cereal as the base and I did three rows of diapers around the can. Once finished, I set the bottom tier in the center of the receiving blanket and tucked it around the can and secured it with a rubber band.

Setting the bottle bank on the top of the can, I did two rows of diapers. The can underneath is taller than the diapers, so I took the bottle out, pressed the receiving blanket inside the hole and put the bottle back in so I could tuck the receiving blanket under the second tier of diapers and secured it with a rubber band.

Removing the bottle again, I placed the third receiving blanket, front side down, centered on the second tier. I tucked it into the hole of the second tier and placed the bottle back in the center. I did the final row of diapers and tucked the receiving around the bottle and secured it with a rubber band.

Starting with the bottom tier, I wrapped the white ribbon around the rubber band and secured it with clear tape and repeated with the other two tiers. I also used tape to secure the ribbon in place. Once completed, I repeated the process with the decorative ribbon.

Once finished, I placed the tutu over the top tier and fluffed it out. There is a bow on the tutu, I removed it from the tutu and taped it to the bottle and used the decorative hair band around the collar of the bottle.

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