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Coolest Butterfly Diaper Cake Design

My 12 year old daughter and I designed this Homemade Butterfly Diaper Cake Design for a baby shower. The colors are lime green, blue and magenta. The cake consists of about 55 to 60 diapers. I prefer using size 1, all white diapers so no color shows on the outside. If, there is color on the top of the diaper, I fold it in as I roll it so it does not show. I used small rubbers to hold the shape of the diapers.

After rolling all the diapers up I tied ribbon around each of the diapers in the three different colors. The base of the cake was a 14 inch cake circle. Using curling ribbon tie 3 diapers together in a diamond shape with the ribbon showing. For instance pink and blue ribbon showing and a plain rolled diaper for the back of the diamond. I used a paper towel holder in the center of the cake board. Leave appr. 1-2 inches of towels on the roll. Diapers should touch the paper towels, then using curling ribbon I tied the diapers to the center.

For the second layer, I tied two diapers together. Continue doing the same pattern for the second layer around the holder. Then using the curling ribbon tie the diapers around the second layer. After completing the second layer cut away approximately 5-6 paper towels from the top portion of the cake. So, the diapers will go in a little and there is a lip for your trim. The top layer is single diapers in the same pattern.

After completing all layers I tied 1 inch lime green ribbon around the base of each layer to cover the white curling ribbon. I trimmed each layer with a magenta fuzzy trim to cover the tops of the diapers and used it also on the top for the base of the flowers. I topped the cake with 3 beautiful flowers and 3 butterflies.

This the second cake I have made and it was hit!

Homemade Butterfly Diaper Cake Design

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