Coolest Diego Cupcakes

These Diego Cupcakes were made to go along with a Diego Jungle Cake. For the cupcakes I used a template that I printed from for the hair. I used chocolate candy melts and piped the melted candy onto wax paper with the template underneath (A toothpick was useful to spread the chocolate inside the outline).

After those cooled I stuck them on the edge of a peachy/tan frosted cupcake. Diego’s eyes are mini M&M’s stuck in the middle of white dots of frosting, then topped with a dot of black decorate gel frosting for the pupils. I had to go through 3 tubes of mini M&M’s to find enough brown ones and I still had to use blue for one of the Diegos. His mouth is made of red fruit rollup and his eyebrows are black decorator gel frosting.

And just to top it off I baked the cupcakes in Diego cupcake wrappers!

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