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Coolest Go Diego Go Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Go Diego Go Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 4th birthday. I got the Diego pan and icing colors from AC Moore.

I started with the base sheet cake and covered it in ‘Sky Blue’ icing. I then added a small section over the bottom of the cake a dark brown, I added cocoa to the icing to get it a good dark brown. I then added Diego on top and positioned him a little off to the side.

I followed the cake pan insert on how to color him. I cut off some of the excess cake around him that the cake pans tend to leave to make him more detailed and instead of trimming him in white like the inserts say I took all the colors down the side to give a real 3-d look.

This cake had a lot of the same colors in different shades, there was dark blue and light blue, light skin tone, skin tone, and dark skin tone, gray, light gray, and dark gray. These were all made using the same color. What I found helpful was if I accidentally went too dark I just added some more white icing to lighten the color up. If you do take the colors down the side you might want to prepare a little more than the insert calls for since you’re covering more cake.

I took a toothpick to outline where I wanted the waterfall to go and took that down the sides of the cake too. I used three different shades of blue, regular blue, ‘Royal Blue’ and ‘Sky Blue’ and swirled them around in white icing trying to leave some streaks of white to give a more realistic look and used a size 21 tip. I bordered the waterfall with chocolate candy rocks that I found at Walmart.

I then added the grass as a border for the brown ground, waterfall, and sides of the cake using tip 233 with ‘Leaf green’ color and filled in most of the cake so it looked like a mountain. I started at the top and worked my way down so the grass would lay on top of each other, if you start at the bottom you tend to cover up the row you just did.

I finished using some round border around the edge of the sky using tip 12. Everyone loved it and all the detail, it was made with lots of love. It is a tedious cake but the results are worth it.

Homemade Go Diego Go Birthday Cake

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