Cool Homemade Jurassic Scene Birthday Cake Idea

For my son’s 6th birhtday we did a dinosaur birthday party, so I did two cakes, one rectangle pan and one I baked in a glass measuring bowl (for the volcano). I used chocolate fondant and painted it for it with food coloring inside the fondant and with a paint brush outside to look like dirt and painted shredded coconut with green food coloring to look like grass(put the shredded coconut in a plastic bag with green coloring and shook it, kids loved helping). Purchase some chocolate rocks and put them as a base for my “lake” and spray blue into the lake then put blue decorating gel and colored sugar in the lake for life-like look.

For the volcano I covered it with brown chocolate fondant and red chocolate fondant, added red gel and sugar again for the volcano to look “erupting” inside i filled the volcano cake with strawberry gel so when we cut it it also had lava. I added the dinosaurs, bubble gum dinosaur eggs (Easter speckled gum) and the plants and it was done. Kids loved it! and we had a fun time making it!