Coolest Dinosaur Scene Cake

My dinosaur-obsessed son drew me a picture and told me what he wanted for his cake. I think we got it just about right because his little 7 year old self was thrilled with the results!

I started the Dinosaur scene cake with a cake that was 9×13. I always doctor my cake mixes up with sour cream and sometime a 3 oz. pudding to make it a bit denser. Then I used my mini batter bowl from Pampered Chef and put half of the mix in there. I baked it for around 35 min.

The next part was the fun part. I made my frosting, dyed it green, and frosted the cake. I took out a little for the blue river, and used smashed almond slices for the sandy parts. Then I used the Wilton grass tip to add grass everywhere.

I then put the volcano on. I made another batch of frosting, dying some red, and then adding cocoa for the rest. I put the red in the microwave and dumped it over the volcano. My son added the dinosaurs and voila! We had a dinosaur cake! It didn’t take all but 30 minutes at most to decorate.

Love those kind of cakes!