Coolest Dora and 3D Boots Cake

I made this Dora and 3D Boots cake by baking an 11×15 half sheet cake, and then cutting out the Dora and grass shapes. The Dora shape was retrieved from the internet, cut out, and used as a guide when cutting the cake.

The cake doesn’t have to be cut into the exact shape of the Dora picture. I cut around the picture, which made my cake larger. Then, I drew Dora’s outline on the cake, and the cake left over on the edges was star-tipped in with white frosting.

I star-tipped both Dora and the grass to match the photo. Then, I made cupcakes, which I used as jungle flowers above the grass, and as balloons coming from Dora’s hand. The balloons are attached to Dora’s hand with curling ribbon.

Last, I baked Boots, using a 3D bear pan. I trimmed down the ears a bit, and frosted him to look like a monkey instead of a bear. Then, I added a monkey tail, made of frosting, that rested on the cake board. The cake board is covered in colored foil. I used blue for the sky, and then cut green foil for the land background.

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