Coolest Dora And Deigo Scene Cake

This Dora And Diego Scene Cake was my first ever proper cake! I made it for my son’s 4th birthday party who is a huge Dora and Diego fan. Cake was adored by kids and parents alike. And it tasted good.

Trees, Bridge and cars were shop bought toppers.

Vanilla sponge cake made with three layers of sheet cake. Covered in green buttercream (party green – color paste). Royal icing dark green foliage and flowers using supercook designer icing. Waterfall made using blue color paste mixed with icing sugar and some water. Added shimmer lines using shop bought glitter icing writing tubes.

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  1. Hi wondering if you can help. I have my two sons birthdays in feb 8th and 11th and they both like dora and diego. My eldest son who is going to be 4 keeps asking for a diego cake but i think this would be perfect!!
    How much do u charge and do you know how many this cake would cater for? Thanks.


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