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Cool Homemade Dora and Boots 2D Birthday Cake

I made this Dora birthday cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She really wanted a Dora cake and I decided to use a puzzle technique. This was my first attempt at using this technique.

I made a round sponge cake and filled it with chocolate mousse. That was the easy part. I decorated the cake with Regalice Ready to Roll coloured icing.

I printed the Dora picture at the desired size and put the picture in a plastic sleeve and I started cutting out pieces of rolled out icing that fit the various parts of the picture. I made the edge of some pieces a bit too large and flattened those edges more than the rest of the piece, so I could put the next piece on top of the flat part. This way all the pieces are connected.

Also to create somewhat of a 3D look, I made some parts thicker than others and I made some of the edges round (Boots arms are a good example of that).

When the entire picture was filled in I covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer overnight.

The next day I covered the cake in whipped cream, rolled out green and blue icing and put it on the cake to make the sky and grass. I took the picture from the freezer and while it was still frozen I transferred it to the cake. It’s easier when it’s frozen. When it started to soften I gently pressed the picture so it would stick to the cake.

It’s not perfect, but I thought it turned out quite nice for a first try.

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