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Coolest Dora Luau Beach Birthday Cake

My granddaughter Faith is crazy about Dora the Explorer. The theme for her 2nd birthday was a Dora Luau swim party so we made her a Dora Luau Beach Birthday Cake.

The 1/2 sheet cake consisted of 1 layer of chocolate cake (2 boxed cake mixes), raspberry filling (2 cans of cake/pie filling) and 1 layer of french vanilla cake (2 boxed cake mixes). The cake was frosted with homemade buttercream frosting.

The water was made using 1/2 of the icing and coloring with blue food coloring. To make the waves, I used sparkle blue icing gel (Michaels) and “tapped” the gel with a spatula to make the waves.

The sandy beach was made with instant hot cocoa mix and granulated sugar. The Tiki Hut was made with Pirouette cookies and the roof was a rice krispie treat rolled out with a rolling pin. The tiki torches were Oreo cookie straws with a birthday candle stuck inside (this was also the candles she blew out to make her wish).

The fish in the water I used Swedish fish and the seashells were made with gumpaste. I found the characters at Toys R Us, Ebay and the Party Store.

This was my first of what I hope will be many birthday cakes to make.


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  1. I still can’t get over how this was only your 1st time baking/making such an awesome cake. It truly is art. Not only was it cool looking but the taste was amazing too! They’re only going to get better from here! Thank you Mom for being such a sweet and talented Mom/Grandma. Can you make my birthday cake next year?

    Love you!


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