Coolest Dragonfly Cake

My boys had a frog and bug themed birthday this year. I decided to have a dragonfly cake made up of a slab cake and cupcakes. The wings and thorax of the dragonfly were cut in one piece from a rectangular slabcake (made using 3 x 340 g cake mixes).

The eyes and abdomen were made out of mini-cupcakes. One of our guests is allergic to eggs and dairy products. Incorporating cupcakes into the cake design was a great idea. I was able to make the cupcakes and their icing from suitable ingredients. The rest of the cake was made out of ‘the usual’ ingredients and butter icing. We found that most of the boys wanted to eat the cupcakes instead (just as well I had made a big batch to serve with coffee for the grown- ups)!!

One problem I encountered was the difference in height between the slab cake and the mini cupcakes. My fabulous hubby found some scraps from my slab cake and sculpted a ramp to add some height to the cupcake abdomen.You can see from the difference in yellows that the cakes are made from different icings. To try to hide this, I sprinkled some blue ‘sprinkles’ on top of the icing. Jelly crystals would also work.

I used marshmallows on top of the two mini-cupcake eyes and dotted them in the centre with black writing gel. I used white writing gel on top of blue butter icing to create the wings.

I was quite happy with the bright yellow and blue to create a happy little dragonfly. What do you think?

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