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Ladybug and Dragonfly Cake

My daughter and I made this ladybug and dragonfly cake for her grandmother’s birthday. Her grandma loves dragonflies! We used this site for inspiration.

Ladybug and Dragonfly Cake Directions

  • We made the equivalent of 3 cake mixes to create and assemble this cake.
  • We used two Pyrex bowls, a 9×13 cake pan, and a 10×15 cake pan for the remaining batter.
  • We made about 6 cupcakes and a few mini cupcakes to complete the design.
  • We cut the wings and body from the two sheet cakes and used one bowl for the head and one for the large ladybug with half of a cupcake for the ladybug head.
  • We used cupcakes for the dragonfly tail and the smaller ladybugs (one was eaten by my 2-year-old!).
  • We decided to use bright colors and then added grass and flowers to decorate the edges.

Ladybug and Dragonfly Cake

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