We made this dragonfly cake for my mom who loves dragonflies.  After seeing how others had approached the design, we decided to combine different approaches into one.

For the body, we used 3 different containers.  A mini loaf pan for the body, a 2 cup measuring cup for the head, and smaller 1 cup ingredient dishes for the tail segments (we used 6?).  For the wings, we made a half sheet cake and I printed some simple wing designs from the web.  I cut the prints to use as stencils, and used these to cut out the wing segments.

We put everything on a large cake board.  We covered the wings in white (homemade) frosting, and the rest in blue frosting.  We then used black piping icing to draw a lattice work on the wings.  We then filled in the individual lattice work sections on the wings with different colored sugar crystals.

The cake was a smash and well received.  All told it took just under 5 hours to bake, cool, cut, assemble, and decorate.