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Coolest Edward Cullen from Twilight Birthday Cake

I really wanted to say that I did a Twilight cake. My birthday was coming up so I thought why not make a Edward Cullen from Twilight Birthday Cake for my own birthday. I first baked a 2 layer cake, iced it in buttercream icing, then rolled out the fondant to cover the cake. I hate using powder sugar to roll it out on because it drys it out. I prefer to use a canola oil spray like PAM.

I drew out the picture I was going to use on parchment paper. If you cant draw use a printer and resize it. Don’t use the ink side! Make sure you trace over it in parchment paper. The image will be reversed using this method. If you are really desperate trace it off of your computer. Very hard to do.

I then went over the back side of the picture with a tip 2 in black icing. I let it crust. Then I pushed the picture icing side down on the fondant. It left the black icing outline of the major facial markers on the cake. Then I just filled in with the other colors I made and did the shadows if his face. I added cake sparkles where his skin was white. I do wish that I used a little flesh tone in his skin instead of being left white.



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  1. Thanks everyone. I loved it! It was fun to do and since this cake I have been able to make Justin bieber (3x’s) the walking dead (2x’s) Elvis and more much quicker!


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