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Coolest Twilight Birthday Cake

I made this Twilight Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 12th birthday. It was a 3 tiered cake. Each tier was different cake. Bottom was marbled chocolate/vanilla, middle layer was chocolate and the top was banana flavoured. It was covered with homemade marshmallow fondant.

The black icing is modelling chocolate. The bottom layer checkerboard represents the cover of the Breaking Dawn book. The second layer has Edward and Jacob stickers alternating depending on which “side” of the cake you were on. The top had a small apple (from Twilight cover), a flower (from New Moon), a red moon shape around the edge of the black (Eclipse), and two chess pieces (Breaking Dawn).

My daughters and I are huge Twilight fans and can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out next year!! Her friends went crazy at the party. After they ate the top layer, I covered the top of the second layer with a black circle and moved the decorations down a level and used the bottom two layers the next day at our family party. It still looked just as cool!! One of my favorites that I’ve made so far.

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