This is the second time that I’ve made this elephant cake, both times for first birthdays. It is adorable and easy to make. I hope you enjoy preparing it for your loved one as much as I did.

You’ll need:

2 round cakes (any size that suites your crowd)


Shredded Coconut

Candies for toenails,eyes,and mouth.

Decorating tube for making the tail and piping the ear(or use a cookie).

Food Coloring (for tinting coconut and frosting)

I used two cake mixes and the largest round spring form pan to make two round cakes.

Freeze the cake(you will only be cutting one of them) to make it easier to cut.

You will cut a 2-3 inch wide ring out of the frozen cake. The ring will be used to make the legs and trunk.

Cut the ring in thirds. Use 1/3 of the ring for the trunk. Cut the other 2/3 in half to make the legs. Use the now smaller round cake for the head and the large uncut cake as the body.

Tint your frosting and coconut the same color. Frost the cake and assemble the limbs. Cover with tinted coconut.

Place the candies for toenails, eyes,and mouth. Finally, pipe out the tail and ear for the finishing touch. Happy Celebrating!