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Pink Elephant Cake

My E loved elephants, so for her 2nd birthday, I decided to give this cake a whirl.  It was only my second time really decorating a cake (and my first time using icing tips), so I was happy (and relieved) with the final outcome.  The cake was only a single layer, using one funfetti cake mix in two 9″ circle baking pans.

One of the 9″ circles stayed completely intact and was used for the body of the elephant.  With the other, I cut a smaller circle right in the middle of it, leaving about 2″ or so border all around it.  I then cut that border into 5 different pieces for the 4 legs and trunk (one longer piece for the trunk, and four smaller pieces for the legs).

Used a homemade buttercream recipe for the icing (split into 3 – a tiny amount of brown, a small amount of black, and pink). I did a quick icing layer of pink over top and then added the eye using a knife to smooth the icing.  I then used a decorative tip to add the pink icing over the rest of the elephant.  The number 2 was added last.

The tail was a pull-n-peel cherry twizzler with the end slightly pulled apart.  The ear was a waffle cookie.  Her toenails were gumdrops and the tusk was actually a toddler banana cookie I had on-hand!  It was a big hit and tasted delicious.

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