My little girl loves Elmo and has many Elmo toys. Since she likes Elmo so much, I decided to design and make my own Elmo Birthday Cake. This cake is a butter cake which is “hard” enough for the fondant to rest onto. I bought ready made fondant from supermarket, rolled it flat and cover over the cake. I printed Elmo’s face from the internet, roll some icing with red colouring and cut out the shape of Elmo’s face following the printout.

With more icing, I formed them into 2 eye balls and nose and placed it on top of the face and background. With black food colouring, I used the back of a bamboo skewer to draw the eye, mouth and outline the shape. Wordings were also written with food colouring. My 2 year old girl is so fascinated by it and she calls it “Elmo Cake”.